***Important Notice For Hobart Women***

Unfortunately we live in a world today where most women walk around in a state of constant discomfort due to either:
➡️ some form of injury or muscle pain due to work 👩‍💼, having children 👩‍👧, or the gym 🏋️‍♀️,
➡️ or carrying stress from their job 👨‍💻, the business or family…
And if they’re anything like my mother, sisters or girlfriends most women’s solution is usually to just ‘keep going’ and put up with it instead of trying to find a solution to help their own well being and health.
So we’re going to make the decision to feel better easier…
👋Greetings  from Orenda Float Spa and we are on a mission to help Hobart women get out of pain AND become healthier in body and mind…

So right now we are putting on an amazing 30% off special offer for 40 residents who want to come in for either a 60 minute or 90 mins Signature Massage (with hot stone and essential oils), so we can show them how much better they can feel.

Whether it’s to:
– work on, and get relief from an ongoing injury,
– to help reduce muscle soreness, tightness or tension
– or to just give themselves a break and de-stress…
…We have you covered through the various modalities and treatment options our highly experienced team of therapists provide.

Get More Than 30% Off A 60 mins or 90 mins  Signature Massage 

➡️ $84 instead of $125 for 60 minutes! (A saving of $41)

or upgrades to
➡️ $101.5 instead of $145 for 90 minutes! (A saving of $43.5)

Only 20 Vouchers Of Each Special Available!
Claim a Voucher now! ➡️➡️➡️  https://bit.ly/36sWzvp