Definition of Orenda

Orenda is the driving force within each of us that empowers us to heal, love, and activate positive change in the world.


What is Orenda?

A divine force within every human being that empowers people to change the world in a positive loving way.

Founder Bio

Already one of the top spas in Hobart, Orenda Float Spa was founded in 2019 by Arielle Wang. Her vision was to create a wellness oasis whose impact would create a positive ripple effect in our local community. She hand-selected technicians and therapists who are aligned with her vision and passionate about personalising their client’s treatments. This includes educating clients on the physical and lifestyle changes that will elevate their holistic journey. 

Arielle Wang moved to Australia from Taiwan in 2012. She is trained and certified in Remedial Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, and Oriental Pressure Point Massage. She has owned and operated multiple spas over the years, often working with chiropractors and other practitioners to accelerate the healing process after an accident or injury. In addition to founding Orenda Float Spa, Arielle teaches remedial massage to Hobart’s next generation of massage therapists. 

Walk into Orenda with the weight of the world on your shoulders and walk out feeling peaceful, balanced, and harmonious! 

About Us

Welcome! The Orenda Float Spa team is passionate about providing our clients with a pampering experience, by personalising treatments to your individual needs. We take a holistic approach to soothing and rejuvenating the mind, body, and spirit. Walk through the doors of our luxury spa feeling the weight of the world and walk out feeling revived! 

Our Mission

Providing an oasis of care where Hobart residents can escape the daily grind, while being pampered by our caring team of wellness professionals. Ensuring an elevated environment and quality of service at an accessible price for those who prioritise a holistic approach to wellness.

Our Vision

By delivering a refined and personalised range of holistic treatments we aim to be the wellness spa of choice in downtown Hobart. 

About Us

Welcome to Orenda Float Spa , a full service salon that specializes in all Massage & Beauty Therapies as well as a number of detox services. We are a team of highly trained and skilled professionals that have a trusting and friendly relationship with our clients, as well as with each other.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing a fun and caring community for each of our staff and valued customers. By delivering professional, quality services in a joyful, lively environment, we ensure our clients will be taken care of, and create wonderful memorable experiences at our spa.
We thrive to be the oasis clients visit to escape the stress of life; to rejuvenate their bodies, energies, souls, and lives.

Our Vision

To be the top wellness spa of choice offering a positive impact and add value to our clients and staff. Orenda Float Spa will provide the highest quality and keep refined programs and services based on a holistic approach for all who want to enjoy a healthy life.

Your Luxury Day Spa In Tasmania

We offer a signature range of services that our trained and certified team custom-tailors to your individual wellness needs. Whether you require immediate stress relief, physical remediation, skin rejuvenation, or the whole-body benefits of our treatments—we are committed to delivering peace, balance, and harmony. 


Therapists in ORENDA FLOAT SPA are keen to make a difference. We are a team of knowledgeable, caring and diligent therapists who specialize in all range of treatments. Here, we strive to create an experience with us that is exceptional and memorable for you. You’ll be pampered and spoiled at the same time and experience the harmony of body, mind.


We are looking
forward to hearing from you


We are looking
forward to hearing from you

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