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In this email we’ll be covering the subjects of couples massage treatments and how massages help reduce migraines.


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Today we feature an article on couples massage, found on
It is a wonderful way to relax spending connective time with your partner.  It’s also popular among close friends, as well as mothers and daughters.


Massage for Couples

A couple’s massage is appropriate for any two people who desire to share the experience of massage with one another, and who are comfortable around one another.  


Upon arrival, you’ll both be greeted by two massage therapists and taken to a private room with side-by-side massage tables. Some places will offer more than one type of massage for couples, from the ultra-relaxing to the more powerful, so the choice is all yours and your partner’s.


One thing to consider is what expectations each person has.  For example, do they want to talk during the massage, and if so, how much. If you both want to get different things out of it, that’s fine too. During a couples session, both of you can receive treatments that address your specific needs as with a singles massage, so don’t fear that you’ll get a one-size-fits-all deal. But it might be good to discuss them before the treatment.


Read more here 🙂 has published a publication by Katie Golden on how to use massage to manage migraines.


Migraines and Massage

Migraine is a complex condition that can be activated by a variety of factors, but also mitigated by a range of interventions.


Data on the efficacy of massage for migraine are somewhat limited. This does not mean that massage is not helpful for migraine, but rather that there have been few studies, with smaller samples and less rigorous designs. That means that the scientific evidence necessary to make a conclusive statement about its efficacy has not been made yet. 


However, many patients find massage therapy helpful, in which case they’re encouraged to make it a regular part of their treatment plan along with other healthy lifestyle habits, relaxation and self-care activities.


Those experiencing chronic migraine can often feel they have no control over their own body. Self-care can help clients increase body awareness, thereby regaining feelings of control. 


Massage during a migraine headache should be very gentle – deep work should be reserved for another time.  The treatment during a migraine attack should also be short and the focus should be on relaxation.


Check out this article here along with some helpful tips on self care at home for migraines.


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