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Float Therapy

Does Float Therapy Have Any Side Effects?

Expect silky smooth skin as a side effect!

On rare occasion clients may feel nausea during or after their treatment. This is typically a detox response to your body releasing the stress held in your stomach. Although uncomfortable in the moment, this release is ultimately beneficial. 

Let your Float Consultant know if you feel nauseous as you will need to exit the pod. Again, nausea is extremely rare. 

Our zero-gravity float spa activates powerful detox and restoration, so be sure to drink plenty of water after your session. 

Is Floating Safe When I’m Pregnant?

Yes! In fact, pregnant clients may experience some of the greatest relief from floating—physically and mentally. The added weight and pressure on the mother’s body is likely to cause pain and discomfort, the weightless impact of floating can provide much relief!

Will Floating Make My Skin Wrinkle?

After 60 minutes in a bath or hot tub your skin would certainly wrinkle, but the high level of Epsom salts in our Float Pods prevents your skin from wrinkling! Instead, your skin will be naturally exfoliated and left it soft and silky smooth. 

Massage & Beauty Treatments

Will I Be Covered During My Massage Or Beauty Treatment?

Yes, you will be draped or covered at all times to ensure you are warm and comfortable. Only the area being treated is exposed. If you require extra draping or are uncomfortable at any time just let your Massage Therapist know.

How Often Should I Book A Massage?

One massage a month is common for pampering, preventative care, and managing daily stressors. Incorporating massage every other week (or at least twice a month) provides optimal therapeutic relief from daily stressors. Weekly sessions are beneficial to relieve chronic tension or are ideal for those recovering from or managing the side effects of accident or injury. 

What Type Of Massage Should I Book?

Not to worry if you aren’t sure as your Massage Therapist will suggest the correct massage to address your individual needs or the type of massage to book for your next session.

Online Booking & Gift Voucher

How Do I Book Online?

Orenda Float Spa uses Setmore so that our clients can book their treatments online with ease. Our service selection and packages are updated regularly. Early booking is always encouraged! 

How Can I Change Or Cancel My Appointment?

We understand that scheduling conflicts may arise. If you need to reschedule or cancel, please call us at +61 3 6231 1512 at least 48 hours before your scheduled appointment. 


Is Group Booking Allowed At Orenda?

Orenda is one of the best spa in Hobart for group booking. Whether it is a wedding or a birthday group feel free to contact us. We will try our best to cater to your requirements.

Can I Buy A Gift Voucher Online?

You can easily purchase a digital Orenda Gift Voucher online or drop in to our centre. Purchase  a Gift Voucher over the phone can be available too.