Dear Customer,

We are happy to inform you that we are going to make a few changes for Orenda Float Spa by the end of August, and we will be improving our quality and better service for the company. We are taken the decision to increase the cost of our service by $5-$15 in the current cost.


Since we started in late 2019,we have been keeping the same price and have been doing incredible promotions to our customers, and we believe delivering health and wellness should be affordable while other spa/ massage centres increased the price a year ago. The setting up of the new services will help Orenda Float Spa to increase the production of our treatment and better material used in the treatment will certainly improve the quality of the product which will be very beneficial for our customers

Most of the service after 31 August 2021 will be introduced on the new price set for the menu. There will be some special offers continued to deliver on a regular basis. Please see the price change below.

  • Massage 60 mins $95 / 75 mins $115 / 90 mins $ 135
  • Cupping Therapy 60 mins $100 / 75 mins $120 / 90 mins $ 140
  • Reflexology (include coffee scrub ) 60mins $100
  • Aromatherapy 60 mins $100 / 75 mins $120 / 90 mins $ 140
  • Float Spa + Massage 2 hours $ 155
  • Float Spa + 40 mins Facial $145
  • “I want it all “160mins $230 (Priced changed since 1th Jan 2021)
  • Classic Facial 60 mins $119 (add on 5 mins Infrared LED light therapy )
  • Birch & Porcelain Moisturising 90mins $ 179
  • Body Scrub + Aromatherapy Massage + Foot Massage 120mins $ 215
  • Deep Balance Touch Purifying 120 mins $ 215

If you like us and want to be a regular customer, we are grateful for your continued support and business during this time of our growth and change. Reward Programs will have more bonus adds on, and we are pleased to provide a package deal for 10% off discount when purchase 5 treatments , and 2x essential oils add-ons, 2x cupping therapy add on for free. The Promotion will end in 31th August.




Please ask the staff for more details.

As always, we’re happy to hear how you are enjoying our service and how you would make it even better. Feel free to reach out at any time with your feedback or questions.


Orenda Float Spa Team