Cultivate Wellness: Discover the Benefits of Infrared Sauna

An infrared sauna is a type of sauna that uses infrared heaters to emit radiant heat, which is absorbed directly by the body’s surface. Unlike traditional saunas that heat the air around you, infrared saunas penetrate deeper into the skin, providing a more intense heat experience at lower temperatures.

One key benefit of infrared saunas is their ability to promote relaxation and reduce stress. The heat helps to relax muscles and soothe aches and pains, while the gentle warmth induces a calming effect on the mind.

In addition, regular use of an infrared sauna can aid in detoxification by promoting sweating, which helps to eliminate toxins from the body. This can support overall health and well-being by cleansing the body of impurities.

Furthermore, infrared saunas have been shown to improve circulation, enhance cardiovascular health, and boost the immune system. They can also contribute to weight loss efforts by increasing metabolism and promoting calorie burning.

Overall, incorporating sessions in an infrared sauna into your wellness routine can offer a range of physical and mental health benefits, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and revitalized.


What’s the difference between Far Infrared, Mid Infrared and Near Infrared in a Sauna Application?

  • Far Infrared radiant heat is highly absorbed by the water content or moisture in our skin (1- 4mm depth), far Infrared is the appropriate wavelength for the purposes of a sauna; for a whole body radiant heat treatment, for raising your body’s core temperature, boosting your immune system and inducing a cleansing detoxing sweat.
  • Mid Infrared is not well studied and outside of the advertising from certain ‘full spectrum’ infrared sauna companies we have been unable to find any information indicating particular benefits of MIR which makes up a very small portion of the light spectrum (only 1.4- 3.0 microns). Mid Infrared is likely absorbed by the water content in our skin as is Far Infrared and can add to the heating effect of the sauna.
  • Near Infrared produces little heat and therefore is not fit for the purposes of sauna, it has a low absorption rate and a high reflection rate which means that emitters need to be placed in close proximity to the skin to overcome the skin’s natural defence mechanism. Once this is achieved NIR passes through our tissue where several biochemical reactions occur associated with cellular energy production and healing.

Sauna Treatments and Spa Packages Price List 

  • Single Infrared Sauna 45 mins $49
  • Duo Infrared Sauna 45 mins $90
  • Trio Infrared Sauna 45 mins $125
  • Quartet Sauna Session 45 mins $165
  • Infrared Sauna Session with 30 mins Massage $110
  • Infrared Sauna Session with 70 mins Facial $ 165
  • Infrared Sauna Session with body scrub $125


  • 5 PASSES FOR $155