The Science Behind Algologie France

Algologie products are concentrated in powerful marine active ingredients that helps to effectively prevent first signs of aging. Agolgie’s main ingredient is from pure concentrate of Caniculata. Caniculata is a brown seaweed that deeply moisturize, restore radiance, and visibly reduce wrinkles. Products are paraben-free, silicon-free, mineral oil-free, phthalate and propylene glycol-free. Algogie Research Laboratory have developed the Algo Complex. Algo Complex has active ingredients to remineralize, moisturize, and to protect skin from free radicals.

Maintaining beauty, preserving youthfulness and improving well being internally is the philosophy of Algologie.

We have chosen the Pen Lan Peninsula in Brittany for its location on this extreme north coast of France, because it is the most optimal climate and water for the life of seaweed.

It is with this in mind that Algologie, has been there for over 30 years. The four main benefits of this location are that:

  • It offers us prime location with over 650 species of seaweed in an area that is kept protected from harmful pollution as well as transport and leisure vehicles. This area has the classification of a pollution free site by C.E.V.A..
  •  The seawater here has an extremely high salt content of over 39gms per litre. This is an indication of its superior concentration of vitamins, proteins and minerals as well as its excellent antibacterial properties.
  •  The water in this area, is very cold. It averages 12 degrees Celsius. This is very important as it provides us with seaweed that is able to retain its high concentration of minerals, vitamins and trace elements ( try to think of seaweed as a vegetable, when you put it in hot water it loses it nutritional value).

The tide in this area goes out 14 metres every 6 hours. This allows for the constant movement and mixing of seawater. The seaweeds are continually nourished, stimulated and oxygenated providing us with the best elements from the sea.

Algologie ‘s laboratory specialises in the research and application of skin care products and treatments from the sea. We have 100% control over our formulations from conception to finished consumer product. This is very important when working with natural products. We are able to harvest and use our primary materials within a very short period of time.

Algologie continues to move forward and extract and utilise the richness of the sea. We are far from being at the end of our discoveries. From traditional methods of yesteryear to the high technologies of today, Algologie has found it’s rightful place at the forefront of Beauty and Skin Therapy all over the world.

Algologie provides Beauty Therapists with all the necessary tools to care for your client as a whole, treating their skin, body, mind and spirit with the natural benefits of the Sea.

A special relationship with the CEVA

Algologie works with the most advanced source of research and development. Our laboratory is located beside CEVA. CEVA stands for the Centre for Education and Valorisation of Seaweed. This is a government supervised source for all industries involved with seaweed products. They are 1 of 5 of the worlds leaders in research, development and innovation in pharmacology, medicine, alimentation, agriculture, cosmetology and textiles. Our location provides us with a privileged relationship for information as we participate in many projects in search of innovations in the cosmetic and skin and spa industry.

Marine Algae benefits and the power of the sea

Seaweed contains an amazing wealth of components and nutrients with more than 40 active marine ingredients including – Minerals —Trace elements – Proteins – Oligo elements – Vitamins -Essential Fatty Acids including Omega

Oils -Mucopolysaccharides.

These nutrients are found in the highest concentrations in sea weeds (marine algae) and sea water. This is the reason we have such great results with skin and body therapies. In fact some are almost a complete food. These vitamins and minerals are necessary for the proper functioning of our organs to produce healthy skin, hair and nails.

The main advantage of Algologie products from the prime seaweed chosen to the advanced extraction process is the natural power of the seaweed drawn from the heart of the ocean.

Why do we choose Algologie Skin Care Range?

A Day Spa oasis right in the heart of Hobart.

A facial is the first step towards healthy skin. We selects a  complete facial treatment performed with the high performance professional products from our marine based skin care range to suit your individual concerns including  mineralising, hydrating, repairing, detoxifying or decongesting, sensitivity, first signs of aging. Your skin will left supple, healthy and radiant.

At Orenda Float Spa, we founded on three principles : Healthy well-being, Natural healing , Outstanding service.  we provide one to one beauty treatments that are tailored uniquely for you, we’re committed to helping you look and feel your personal best.

Our management and staff are committed to providing our patients with the safest, most effective beauty treatments. Each of us is an expert in our specialized field such as Facials and Skin Care. Together we strive to find the best personalized care for you and wellbeing. Want to hear more about our treatments? Give us at 03 6231 1512  call today.