" " Partial Treatment Price Increase Effectively 31th/July | Orenda Float Spa

To all the viewers,

“As you know as a dedicated massage and beauty professional I am committed to constantly improving my level of service for you as a valued client. This means investing in more qualifications, adding in new services into our sessions and improving the office and massage rooms. 

You may have already noticed some changes to your service over the last few months as we have been trying to improve all the time.

I would like to keep this habit of improving and investing in my knowledge with the overall goal to deliver my clients better results and a better experience overall. So to achieve this in 30 days I’ll be increasing my rates a small amount in order to help me get more qualifications.

With this small extra bit of income, I also have plans to ….. (let them know what you have planned).

As a valued client I wanted to let you know about these well in advance and looking forward to these improvements ahead!”

What Can You Do to Keep Enjoy Our Service and Save Money?

Did you know we have a referral Reward program for new clients and existing client ? 

If you liked our services, tell us about how your experience with everyone you know,

Your friends or family visit us from your referral, they will receive $20 off of a new client offer !

And you will also received a 15% off of any single treatment from us (via email, so make sure they mentioned your name and also you do leave an email for us to contact.

The more people you introduce , the more 15% off you can receive !

Did you also know you can have a 15% off offer on your birthday month ? 

Yes, birthday is important ! It is worth to celebrate !

To celebrate your upcoming birthday in this month, we’re giving you a 15% voucher as a gift which can be used on any regular priced massage in the next 30 days. Customer will received an email and direct booking link regards to the offer 🙂

We look forward to seeing you  and we hope you have a wonderful self-care time on your Birthday!



Did you know you can save 25% off  when you purchase a gift voucher of $200 worth ? 

$200 worth of voucher only cost $150 🙂 That’s 25% off ! It’s a perfect gift for any occasions (Christmas / Father’s Day / Mother’s Day) or ….simply  just for yourself. Talk to our friendly staff or email us to know more.