Anti-Aging Collagen Regenerating Treatment

This anti-aging facial is suitable for all skin types as a proactive anti-ageing treatment, but also helps to minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in mature skin by stimulating the natural production of collagen and elastin. Walk out with firmer, hydrated, and balanced skin. 

Treatment Details 

Cleansing Facial, Exfoliation, Facial Steam, and Face Lifting Massage, Collagen Clay Mask, Anti-Ageing Serum Infusion, and Moisturiser. 

70 mins $160

95 mins $195 

Your Guide to Younger Looking Skin 

Fine lines and wrinkles are part of the natural ageing process, but you can take a proactive approach to slow this process. Collagen is a powerful way to both slow the visible signs of aging and to reverse some of your cellular damage. 

Before you can fight fine lines and wrinkles you must cleanse and balance your skin to ensure products can be easily absorbed. This facial provides the cleansing and the nutrients and hydration you need for younger-looking skin. 

How Our Anti-Aging Collagen Regenerating Treatment Works?

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We prepare your skin with deep cleansing and exfoliation, then we balance, nourish and hydrate down to the pores. This holistic approach to skincare is natural and backed by scientific research. It’s elegant and effective, leaving you with radiant skin by the end of your treatment. For best results book a facial at least every other month.