Deep Tissue Massage

Re-align the deep layers of muscles in your most common areas of tension and stress

Our shoulders, neck, and back can carry a significant amount of tension, especially when we are stressed out. This massage targets the most common areas of physical pain and discomfort, working with deep pressure on your muscles, tendons, and tissue. This whole-body massage utilises a combination of hands, elbows, and forearms to release tension. 

The ideal massage for chronic or acute neck and back pain as well as pain associated with increased electronics use.

30 mins $75
45 mins $95
60 mins $110
90mins $150
120 mins $210

Why to choose Deep Tissue Massage ?

One of the most popular therapeutic massage uses firm massage techniques and light stretching  relieves increased tension in the muscle and surrounding connective tissues (tendons and ligaments). It focuses on the contracted areas and is designed to work below the surface of the top of the muscles,

This therapy address specific problem associated with chronic muscular pain, injury rehabilitations, snorting and occupational injuries, RSI, and physical and mental fatigue. It’s important to drink plenty of water after a deep tissue massage session to eliminate toxin from the body.

After deep tissue therapy, should you drink plenty of water to help you detoxify, you might feel soreness for a few days. Using a heat pack to help you relieve discomfort is recommended.


  1. Ease pain and ache in the body.
  2. Lower levels of anxiety and depression
  3. Increase range of motions
  4. Improve function of the heart and lungs.
  5. Correct posture.


When to Avoid Deep Tissue Massage ?

  1. Consult with your doctor if you have blood clots / have cancer or undergoing cancer treatment/ have blood thinner
  2. Recently have fractures/ open wounds / skin infections.
  3. During pregnancy

*Feel free to add essential oils on to any of our other massages for $5