Lay back and relax while we pamper you. We offer a variety of custom facials to address your individual skin care needs. This treatment combines a cleansing facial with lymphatic drainage massage to detox your skin. We follow up with a hyaluronic acid treatment to hydrate, plump and firm. Walk out of the spa looking revitalised and replenished. 

Treatment Details

Deep Cleansing Facial, Exfoliation, Facial Steam, Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Hyaluronic Serum, and Moisturiser.

70 mins $160

100 mins $195 

95 mins $195 

Why Moisture Is Essential For Your Face?

It’s easy to forget, but our skin is our body’s largest organ. Its role is to keep harmful germs and bacteria out. We can support our skin externally and internally by eating whole foods,  drinking plenty of water, and moisturising our face. As early as our 30s, our skin’s ability to retain moisture declines. Without a proactive approach, your skin will begin to look dull and the rate at which you develop fine lines and wrinkles will accelerate. 

How Our Dull Moisturising & Soothing Treatment Helps?

This signature treatment is designed for ultimate hydration! Walk out of our spa with glowing skin and a vibrant complexion. 

We begin by deep cleansing and sloughing away dead skin cells. Then we open your pores with steam to ensure we loosen up and cleanse any deep build-up. The steam also allows our signature moisturising treatment to penetrate deep into your pores for glowing skin.