Jet-Lag Release

The flight to Hobart Australia is long making this jet lag release massage the ideal way to unwind once you arrive

Between the long flight and the time difference you may not feel like yourself when you arrive in Hobart. Not to worry as this massage will help your body acclimate by working out tension and kinks that developed or worsened during your flight. 

By the time you leave our luxury spa you will feel relaxed, refreshed, and ready to explore our city. 

30 mins $60
45 mins $80
60 mins $95
90 mins $135

Add on 1 hour Float Spa $75 (great combination )

Hobart’s landscape has attract thousands of tourists to travel, Long haul flight takes you off to far flung corners of the world, experiencing exciting new cultures and breathtaking sights. But the one down side is the dreaded jet lag, which can disrupt your body clock on a major scale.

You may experience  fatigue, digestive upsets, nausea, insomnia, memory lapses, swelling of the joints, irritability and lethargy. Study has shown that massage has the power to put a spring back into your step and reduce the effects of jet lag. Full body Massage has benefit and can help you recover after the long haul flight, instead of you having to resort to sleep medication and excessive amount of caffeine to keep you awake.

This treatment offered to tourists who want to hop on Relax tired and muscle tension, relieving stress and fatigue.

This service is also ideal for those with insomnia because it essentially reset the internal clock.


  1. Reduce the fatigue, bloating and muscle aches
  2. Stimulate Lymphatic system
  3. Resets, changes the internal clock
  4. Reduce water retention in legs from long hours sitting
  5. Improve sleeping quality

What you can add on 

We recommend to add on float spa to get the best benefits out of this session, with the package deal, you also save $20 from your pocket ! 

Float Spa + Massage ( 120 mins ) $ 145


Aqua, Lilac, Red


Fabric, Wood


22,8" x 29,9" x 21,3"


2% PA 3% PC 30% PL 65% WO

Type of leather

Pure aniline, nubuck finish