The treatment is to help reduce inflammation, decongest and calm the skin. Suggest to add on LED, focus on Blue Light to help create cellular calm, and kill acne specific bacteria.

60 mins $125

Add on Blue LED Light Therapy 20 mins $ 49

Add on Extraction 30 mins $49


At the heart of acne is an inflammatory cascade deep in the follicle. If we can first work on reducing the signals that trigger inflammation, redness and pain, then the deeper healing processes needed can occur at a faster rate. Repairing this skin condition requires a consistent, dedicated application of transformative botanicals that can create the cellular change required for a calm and balanced skin.

Micro-inflammation is a major cause of skin irritation and early cellular malfunction. The correct botanicals and lipids can stop the chronic inflammatory cycle, repair the barrier, and create a calm, non-reactive skin.


Stop inflammatory signaling
Prevent cell membrane lipid peroxidation
Restore acid mantle flora and pH
Repair skin barrier
Improve cellular performance to regulate exfoliation Scar tissue support and prevention


Fabric, Wood