Men’s Waxing

Men Waxing Specialist 

This one’s for the gents! Orenda Float spa has an in-house men’s waxing specialist. We understand that not all men are comfortable booking their hair removal services with a female technician for waxing discreet areas, which is why we have hired a male technician. He is the only technician in Hobart who specialises in your unique needs. 

An ideal treatment for bodybuilders, manscaping, getting holiday-ready, and hygienically keep unwanted body hair in check.

For finer hair and a better result, we recommend you to return 4-5 weeks.


The leading waxing clinic specialised for men in Hobart

Why not Shave ?

Shaving stimulates potential hair growth and can strengthen the hair follicle. Shaving also cuts the hair at the hair shaft, which not only re-grows with a stubbly feel but it allows the hair to regrow the next day or in some cases the same day. Once you’ve been waxed and the hair weakens, each time it will be more comfortable.

Waxing Benefit

1.Improvement of muscle definition
2.Prevention of razor burn and replaces hard stubble regrowth
3.Finer, smoother hair giving you suave skin for much longer.
4. Reduce Body Odours
5. Feel more confident
6. Have a better intimacy time with your partner

Chest Clip —- $10
Full Body Clip —- $65

Leg (Full) —- $75
Leg (Half) —- $50

Back —- $40
Back + Shoulders —- $50

Chest —- $35
Chest + Stomach —- $50

Brazilian (Full) —- $90
Brazilian (Front Only) —- $70

Shoulders (Inc. Neck) —- $30
Stomach —- $30

Speedo Line —- $20
Speedo Line + Buttocks + Buttcrack +Shoulders—- $90

Arms (Full) —- $50
Arms (Upper Half) —- $30
Arms (Lower Half Inc. Hands) —- $35
Underarm —- $20

Buttock Cheek —- $30
Buttcrack —- $30
Buttock + Buttcrack —- $55
Speedo Line + Buttocks + Buttcrack —- $65
Back + Buttock + Buttcrack —- $80
Back + Shoulders +Brazilian (Full) —- $130

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