Time-Treasure Renovating Treatment

Minimise acne and the early signs of aging with this luxurious treatment. We use a gentle glycolic acid peel to exfoliate and smooth your skin. While the peel sits, we give you a soothing arm and leg massage. We finish things off with our Anti-Wrinkle Eye Lifting Treatment and a nourishing serum. Walk out of the spa feeling relaxed, with skin that is glowing and hydrated. 

Treatment Details

Peel, Decollete, Arm and Leg Massage, Serum Infusion, Mask, and Chinese Gua Sha Facial-Lifting , Anti-Wrinkle Eye LED Lifting Treatment, Serum to finish. 

40 mins $90
70 mins $145

Why Choose Our Time-Treasure Renovating Treatment?

Take a proactive approach to the early signs of aging with a gentle glycolic acid peel. The peel will remove dead skin, toxins, and anything clogging your pores that slows your skin’s natural healing abilities. Instantly reveal brighter and smoother skin. Also, slow fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating the natural production of collagen and elastin.  

For a Brighter, Smoother Skin 

The skin-revitalizing anti-aging formula infused with Korean Red Pine extract helps strengthen skin’s moisture barrier for a youthful and healthy look. The therapist will provide the best combination of products to address dry, oily, sensative uneven skin tone.

This  intensive facial renews, recharges and rebuilds the skin using Glycolic acid peels.  This product unlocks the inherent power deep within the skin cells to hydrate, soften lines, revive luminosity, and restore firmness.