Float Spa Packages

When entering into sensory deprivation tank contains more than hundred kilos of salt water, you will feel weightless and deeply relaxed as your body is freed from gravity and tension. The magnesium loosen layers of muscles tissues, massage that follow through allows the therapist work on a deeper levels of liaison muscles without you feeling sore and achy. Surrender to the ultimate relaxation experience to add on facial treatment that tailored your skin type, you will be left refreshed and renewed. 

The Most Popular Spa Packages at Orenda Float Spa 

Your retreat will begin with a 60 mins float spa. Floating therapy is the art of relaxation, rejuvenation and recovery through sensory deprivation. When you feel the zero gravity sensation in the tank, your stress instantly melt away as your body cocoon in the warm water filled with magnesium that soothe your tired muscles. 

You could not have asked for a better combo. At Orenda Float Spa we offer great packages on top of your floating to get ultimate benefits. A tailored-made massage including into classic facial treatment promote smooth, healthy skin, nourish mind and body.

Any session we provide tea and refreshment at the lounge.

Relish the post-float bliss with massage and facial, and leaving you restored and recharged.

*Disclaimer * 

“I want it all ” Package has been upgraded, the new package  includes  60 mins full float spa treatment with 60 mins massage and 40 mins Full Classic Facial  for $230, the price has changed and it’s been affected since Jan 2021