Massage and Headache

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Headaches can have several origins, but most are muscular. It means that a tense muscle, for example, in the neck or neck area, can cause headaches. In general, these muscles are trapezius, scapula lift, masseter, temples, sternocleidomastoid, and rhomboid.

These pains can appear due to factors such as poor posture for a long time, lack of water in the body, sinusitis, poor diet, inadequate sleep, too much computer time, weightlifting in the wrong way, among many other things.

To find out the cause of the problem, it is recommended to seek a specialist doctor. Much of the population tends to try alternative or complementary treatment for headaches. Massage is one of these treatments.

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Seven Pressure Points for Headache Relief





1.Third Eye – Press firmly with your thumb, hold for 1 minute.

Location : Right between your eyebrow

Purpose : Relieve anxiety, headache, hot flashes , calm spirit

2.Drilling Bamboo – Both index finger apply pressure upwards, hold for 1 minute. Repeat 5-10 times.

Location : Either side of where the bridge of the nose meats the ridge of the brow.

Purpose : Relieve hangover, headache

3.Gates of Consciousness –
Place two thumbs on each side on the border line between your scalp and neck  and press firmly upwards, hold for 1 minute, or apply circular motion until the pain subsided.

Location : Below the base of the skull, in the hollow between the two vertical muscles.

Purpose : Relieve headache, migraines , stiff neck , dizziness, arthritis.

4.Wind Mansion – Use your thumbs to press and hold for one minute.

Location : Hollow spot under the base of your skull.

Purpose : Ease tension headache, stiff neck.

5.Shoulder Well – Place your index and third finger on to your shoulders and press, circulate motion for 15 mins at a time, until the pain subsided.

Location : Halfway between the base of your neck and the outer point of your shoulder.

Purpose : Treating headache as well as migraine pain, shoulder pain.

6.Union Valley- Firmly pinch the webbing between your thumb and index finger, pinch down or massage with circulate motion. Contra-indicated to Pregnancy women.

Location : The web between your thumb and index finger. (Fleshy area)

Purpose : Get rid of a frontal headache, shoulder pain, mensural pain, hangover.

7.Facial – Apply index fingers and apply firm pressure for about a minute.


Location : At the bottom of your cheekbones, alongside with nostril.

Purpose : Treat headache, sinus congestion, for better facial skin.

These are some massage tips that comes handy while you are suffering headache, or Post-holiday blue ….Alternatively, book a massage with our experienced massage therapists for stress relief head massage.

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