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Acne Management 

IPL acne management targets acne-prone skin to reduce acne bacteria, breakouts, and inflammation for a clearer, more balanced and healthier looking complexion.   

skin tightening

Vascular Therapy 

Spider veins, broken capillaries, red spots and rosacea can all be reduced and removed to offer clients an even, more uniform complexion. Only for the face. 

Pigmentation Correction 

IPL pigmentation correction effectively fades and removes age spots, sun spots and discolouration to greatly improve overall skin tone, texture and radiance.

cellulite treatment

Photo Rejuvenation

Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, smooth out irregularities and  enhance your skin’s  overall luminosity for a revitalised, youthful  glow with IPL photo rejuvenation.

Fat Ultrasound Body Contouring sculpts your figure and enhances your silhouette by reducing stubborn pockets of fat without the need for invasive surgery such as liposuction.

Why do I need it ?

If you have challenges getting back into shape, or you have been working out a lot, but still couldn’t get rid of some stubborn pockets of fat, this is for you…. 

Here are the top reasons why most of us need to opt for professional body contouring treatment at clinics:

  • Many of us struggle to lose stubborn fat from specific body areas despite a vigorous workout and strict dietary regimen.
  • Poor results cause demotivation, as most fitness routines are strenuous and not sustainable.
  • Acute weight loss in obese people or postnatal cases may result in sagginess and pendulous fat deposits due to loss of elasticity of the skin and toning the body is impossible naturally. This explains why the “Mommy Makeover” service is in great demand at reputed body contouring clinics.

Benefits Of Body Contouring Treatment

Body sculpting can help you achieve the following:

  • Slender waistline, flat belly and sculpted flanks are attainable by eliminating stubborn fat bulges and love handle.
  • Slim thighs with circumferential reduction, sag correction and cellulite treatment is a possibility now.
  • Toned arms and smooth back due to fat loss and reduced skin laxity eliminates visible bra fat, armpit bulge and “bingo wings.”
  • Decreased abdominal obesity and correction of unhealthy waist-hip ratio helps prevent metabolic disorders.
  • Holistic body contouring improves the overall shape and well-being by reducing unhealthy body fat. It does not focus on just attaining the ideal BMI.


1. How does it work?

Ultrasound Body Contouring is a medically-established scientific principle that works by applying ultrasound energy to the targeted area of fat cells, converting the fat to a liquid state. The fatty acids are then dispersed and processed through the lymphatic system – your body’s natural filtration system. Ultrasound Body Contouring is specially designed to treat only the targeted fatty areas and not affect surrounding tissue.

Which areas of the body can Ultrasound Body Contouring treat?

Ultrasound Body Contouring is great for treating all the most common areas of stubborn fat such as the abdomen, bra line, buttocks, thighs, ‘love handles’ and upper arms. It’s also highly effective in reducing cellulite and smoothing out problem areas such as the buttocks and thighs.

3. What does treatment feel like?

Ultrasound Body Contouring treatment is completely non-surgical, non-invasive and doesn’t require anaesthesia. Most clients describe the treatment as painless and comfortable. Some clients even find the warm sensation in the targeted area during treatment quite relaxing.

4. Can I get on with my day after treatment?

Yes! Ultrasound Body Contouring treatments require absolutely no downtime, so you can go about your usual daily activities following your sessions.

5. How many treatments will I need?

Depending on your individual situation (which we will assess during your consultation), you may need anywhere between 6 and 12 treatments for optimum results. You’ll start to feel the effects after the very first treatment and by the third treatment you should begin to see real improvements take place. Treatments are spaced at one-week intervals to allow your body to flush out the fat released during the process of Ultrasound Body Contouring.

For beautiful results following your treatment.

We recommend drinking plenty of fresh water following your Ultrasound Body Contouring treatments as this will greatly help the process of removing the fatty acids naturally from your body.

A healthy diet and regular 20 mins exercise is also the best way to maintain your results and keep you looking good and feeling great. 

Fat Cavitation + RF Skin Tightening

Select Treating Area Below:

45 mins  Singal Treatment $ 199 

Prepaid 4 x Abdomen  $799  Promotion Deal $ 679 

Prepaid 6 x Abdomen $1194  Promotion Deal $995 (Buy 6 for package of 5 )

Prepaid  8 x Abdomen $ 1592  Promotion Deal  $1194 (Best Value ! )

40 mins  Singal Treatment   $199 

Prepaid 4 x buttock  $799  Promotion Deal $ 679 

Prepaid 6 x buttock  $1194  Promotion Deal $995 (Buy 6 for package of 5 )

Prepaid  8 x buttock  $ 1592  Promotion Deal  $1194 (Best Value ! )

45 mins Singal Treatment $249 

Prepaid 4 x Abdomen + Hips  $996  Promotion Deal $ 796

Prepaid 6 x Abdomen + Hips  $1494 Promotion Deal $1245 

Prepaid 8 x Abdomen + Hips $ 1992  Promotion Deal $ 1494 (Best Value )

45 mins Singal Treatment  $199 

Prepaid 4 x Upper Back (Bra Line ) $799 Promotion Deal $ 679

Prepaid 6 x Upper Back (Bra Line ) $ 1194 Promotion Deal $ 995

Prepaid 8 x Upper Back (Bra Line ) $1592 Promotion Deal $1194

Singal Treatment $179  

Prepaid 4 x Upper Arms $ 716 Promotion Deal $ 573

Prepaid 6 x Upper Arms $ 1056 Promotion Deal $ 877

Prepaid 8 x Upper Arms $ 1432 Promotion Deal $ 1074

Singal Treatment $ 229 

Prepaid 4 x Upper Back & Arms $916  Promotion Deal $732 

Prepaid 6 x Upper Back & Arms $1374 Promotion Deal$1145 

Prepaid 8 x Upper Back & Arms $1832 Promotion Deal $1374

45 mins  $249 Singal Treatment

Prepaid 4 x Brazilian Butt Lift $996 Promotion Deal $796 

Prepaid 6 x Brazilian Butt Lift $1494 Promotion Deal $1245 

Prepaid 8 x Brazilian Butt Lift $1992 Promotion Deal $ 1494

Singal Treatment 40 mins $299 

Prepaid 4 x $1196 Promotion Deal $957 

Prepaid 6x $ 1794 Promotion Deal $ 1495 

Prepaid 8 x $2392 Promotion Deal $ 1786

Prepaid 4 x $596 Promotion Deal $476 

Prepaid 6x $894 Promotion Deal $ 745 

Prepaid 8 x$1192  Promotion Deal $894

Afterpay, payment plans available. Book a consultation with us

Introductory Offer : ​​50% off the cost of your first treatment. 

Package Deal 

“Mommy Makeover” Package $ 999

  •  6 x Abdomen Treatment 
  • Unlimited 20 mins Light Therapy for face and body for 6 weeks 
  • Complimentary 250ml Award Winning Slimming body lotion 
  • 1x Complete Cellulite Treatment

The Perfectionist ”  From $1299

  • Two area of treatment for 20% off for 5 treatments
  • Complimentary 250ml Award Winning Slimming body lotion 
  • 2x area of your choice RF Skin Tightening Treatment

“Total Transformation”  From $ 1399

Enjoy a 20% discount when you purchase 2 Treatment Area for 6 treatments  

3 x Area of your choice RF Skin Tightening Treatment

We recommend having it at least once a week for a consecutive 6 weeks period.

Red Carpet Ready “ Package –  

  • 8x Two areas of your choice       
  • Unlimited LED Therapy for 8 weeks 
  • 2x Carbon Facial Treatment (Skin Smoother ) 
  • 2x 70 mins Red Carpet Face Lift  

It is especially popular with brides/grooms-to be, TV personalities, and those gearing up for a major social event.

Body Contouring Treatment Before And After 

rf skin tightening
rf skin tightening

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